What Everybody Ought to Know About Being Misunderstood

What Everybody Ought to Know About Being Misunderstood


Have you ever been misjudged? Often times we are misunderstood.  People rush to judgment observing our actions from their limited vantage point. They can’t get into our heads to see our motivations, nor would they want to.  They are very content and satisfied acting as “judge and jury” with their own “take on things” and interpretations.

You may volunteer with a charity, take in a needy person or donate money to an organization causing others to wonder, “why”.  Without knowing your motivation they may jump to their own conclusion that you want attention, notoriety or seek to buy your way in. 

You may rapidly climb the corporate ladder of success earning top dollar while your peers accuse you of “not paying your dues”, or assessing that things come too easily to you, or possibly that you “short circuited” the “normal” path to success.  They buy into the saying “no pain, no gain”.

 Every day people pass rash judgments in their desire to make sense of their world.  They rationalize what they see and form their misconceptions acting to aid and comfort themselves.

 What are we to do with these people who rush to judge and accuse the actions and motivations of others? 

 Once again, Mother Teresa tells us how to handle it, pointing us in the direction of love.


 “If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.”


Judgment acts as a HUGE stumbling block in our happiness.  We are drawn into places where we should not venture – someone else’s journey.   Each of us has a unique calling and destiny.   We each have our own individual lessons to learn, hardships, and joys.  We need to respect each other’s “walk”.

Most of the time their misjudgments are more about the other person and their particular situations.  Their actions and words flow from their envy, lack, or need.

 We all need to live in the “highest good”. Give people the benefit of the doubt.  Attribute their motivation to only “good”, no matter how it appears.

 Continue to be kind in spite of the feelings of misjudgment.  Keep your motivation pure, no matter what they say.

 In conclusion: When you hear rumors, whispers, or when you just get that uncomfortable feeling that you are being judged and misunderstood, take a page out of Mother Teresa’s book:  “Be kind anyway”.

 Please take a moment and share one thought that has helped you to “Be kind anyway ” in these situations in the space below.  Thanks 

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