Patty Kogutek, author of “A Change of Habit,” has helped thousands cure their anxiety, living “guilt-free.” Living as a Catholic nun for 7 years, and working her way through a 12 year failed marriage, Patty gathered “7 Secrets to Guilt-Free Living” that gave her the courage and the permission to finally follow her heart putting the expectation of others aside.


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As we go through our daily lives, we often find ourselves at a loss for words when it comes to prayer. This small prayer book contains “prayer starters” covering occasion both happy and sad. Use these thoughts and words as a ready reference and springboard for your own conversation with God.

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Adriana Trigiani “Patty Kogutek is a spiritual dynamo! She may have had a Change of Habit but when it comes to life, never a change of heart. She is all about friendship, family and faith, and writes of all three with verve.” -Adriana Trigiani Bestselling author of Big Stone Gap

Going In Circles?

Do you ever feel like you are going around in circles, going nowhere? You can see the end point marching to the goals set out before you and still fail to see the progress. When these feelings set in we need to remember the lessons of the labyrinth. Life is like walking the labyrinth. The ancients use meditative walking to forge a connection with the divine. They followed prescribed routes in mazes to avoid the mental activity of deciding on where to direct steps. In doing so, they freed their minds to be open to another voice. Suspend all thoughts, while walking, to concentrate on feelings and whims within. While the age-old custom of walking a labyrinth supports a direct connection with the Divine soul within, it’s also a walk in faith. Just like life itself. How is life like a labyrinth? Seems like you are not making any progress going nowhere in a circle. Even though you are literally winding your way through the prescribed maze in a circular fashion, you are still, ever so slowing, making progress inward to the goal. Have faith! The narrow walking road often sees the walker losing balance falling off the to the edges. The trail ahead of you is well designed to move with forward motion, but oftentimes distractions will pull you off the path, experiencing defeat. Keep moving. Life is a game of recovery! The wind is swirling. As you progress you will face every direction with the wind swirling. You will delight when all goes well with the wind at your back and at other times battle the gales... read more

Do Your Prayers Need Words?

Every afternoon an elderly gentleman made his way into the parish church, taking a seat in the last pew. Sitting all alone in the back of the silent empty basilica the expressionless man stared straight ahead. After a half hour the attendee would quietly leave, saying not a word. The pastor could not help but notice this daily sight wondering what was going on. Curiosity got the best of the priest as he asked the stranger if he had a special intention that he was praying for during his daily visits. The gentlemen responded, “No, I just sit there.” The puzzled face of the priest urged the man to explain further. “You see I just look at the Lord and the Lord looks at me.” Pretty simple. Like two good friends who don’t need words, the Lord and the gentlemen enjoyed each other’s company! What did the Lord see? Did the Creator see a piece of his handiwork? Did he see his own image and likeness as he created the man? Did the Lord see his own reflection? What did the gentleman see? Did he see his Divine heritage? In the quietness did he feel his Divine connection? Did he feel the power, beauty and love that had been handed down? We can take a lesson from this silent visitor. We can look for this Divinity in ourselves and in others. Yes, we were created in God’s own image and likeness. Indeed we are treasured children of God. And the beauty of it all is that knowing that God is everywhere, we don’t even need a church. Look for... read more

Has God Ever Nixed Your Plans?

While we are still in the throngs of setting goals and making resolutions, let’s not get forget Plan B. Remember what Robert Burns wrote: “The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.” Even with the best intention, organization, and design things often don’t go according to plan. We may even invoke God, praying for our intentions with our pleas seemingly falling on the Divine deaf ear. I think we all can attest that life happens when we are busy making plans. But how much control do we really have in our lives? When things go according to program we pat ourselves on the back thinking that we are in control of our time on earth. Life is good! Other times when our world is turned upside down with the best ideas and heart’s desires in crumbles we are left wondering WHY? We had good intentions…this is a worthy cause….. I’ve worked hard to have this…..This works for everyone else…..Why not, God? Why me, God? Why now, God? Why not now, God? Remember: We are here on our individual journeys, to learn and experience different things in order to perfect our souls to their highest calling. God gives each of us enough joy for happiness and sufficient challenges for growth, depending on our determined destiny. We may not have the exact control over each and every situation and outcome, but we DO have control over our attitude toward these conditions. We can and do control our own happiness if we can release the driver’s wheel of control and put it into God’s hands. Joseph Campbell shares, “We... read more

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