Patty Kogutek, author of “A Change of Habit,” has helped thousands cure their anxiety, living “guilt-free.” Living as a Catholic nun for 7 years, and working her way through a 12 year failed marriage, Patty gathered “7 Secrets to Guilt-Free Living” that gave her the courage and the permission to finally follow her heart putting the expectation of others aside.


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As we go through our daily lives, we often find ourselves at a loss for words when it comes to prayer. This small prayer book contains “prayer starters” covering occasion both happy and sad. Use these thoughts and words as a ready reference and springboard for your own conversation with God.

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Adriana Trigiani “Patty Kogutek is a spiritual dynamo! She may have had a Change of Habit but when it comes to life, never a change of heart. She is all about friendship, family and faith, and writes of all three with verve.” -Adriana Trigiani Bestselling author of Big Stone Gap

Earth’s Crammed With Heaven!

I’m not a poet, but I do find this piece very inspirational: “Earth’s crammed with heaven, And every common bush afire with God; but only he who sees, takes off his shoes – the rest sit round it and pluck blackberries.”- Elizabeth Barrett Browning How many times have we sat and plucked the blackberries, when all of God’s creatures are straining to bring us Divine messages? We fail to see that every single piece of it is shouting out the awesome presence of God. We need God to help us “see”. We need to see what is here all along. Look at the sunrise, the cool rain, my hand, your heartbeat, that flower, this sleeping infant, the night sky and the vastness of space. They all whisper the same message of their maker: “I am good and beautiful and powerful beyond all understanding. We are always in the presence of God. God has always been there, reaching out to us through his beautiful creation. How awesome and close God really is. God is always there and we’ve hardly noticed before. God’s presence, if seen, can give every moment light and make every day a blessing. So let’s look closely at creation and we will see and hear the voice of God. Take God in. Walk with him, and his light and life, joy and peace will be yours. That’s a promise. Lord, that I might see!... read more

Do You Have a Full-Time Partnership?

We are all called to live the extraordinary life that God has designed for us. We each are unique individuals with our own gifts and talents. There is a mission only you can fulfill and a song only you can sing. Oftentimes we get caught up in what others want of us. Fear sets in so we live an ordinary life, plugging through each day, putting aside our own script and living the status qto. That special job that God has assigned to us will fail. But here is the good news. We are not in this alone. Our Creator wouldn’t strand us on this earth without a “lifeline”. And that lifeline is a direct connection to God. God has the power to transform us, to take the ordinary in us and make it extraordinary. God has the power and the desire. All that we have to do is accept God as our full-time partner. This means that we each have a serious relationship, with no exclusionary clauses, a partnership that puts everything on the table. There’s a long distance between that kind of intense partnership and the cool, arms-length, episodic relationship with God that we settle for so often. And that’s a real tragedy because an occasional relationship with God yields no growth, no change, and therefore no satisfaction. Why? When we withhold so much and hide so much we put so much of life off limits that God can’t even get close to the parts of him that need him the most. Keeping God at a distance is a sure recipe for sadness. Don’t settle for rusting... read more


On the road of life there are many conundrums. These complex problems confuse us with no apparent clear solutions. We know that we were made to share in the Divine joy and happiness here on earth. But then Jesus tells us to, “Deny yourselves. Take up your cross and follow me.” Are we suppose to be happy or not? What are we to strive for? How do we do both? This seems like a perplexing problem with no clear “one answer”. But God would not put us into a situation with no way out! Now as everyone in Jesus’ day understood, “cross” means simply meaning the true work of the day,” which is the opposite of busy work or just hanging around. And how do we know what the true work of the day is? Our gifts tell us, our circumstances tell us. And the Spirit speaks the word directly to our hearts. If we are listening, we will know each day what our true work is and our joy will come from doing it. If you want to be happy, Jesus says, “take up your cross.” Don’t run away from your life’s work or from the true work of the day. Turn toward it. Engage it. Give your whole self to it. Living that way has its price. But the spirit guiding our lives will give us what we need as we need it. The alternative, running away from our life’s work and betraying our gifts, will in the end bring only pain. Jesus’ advice is relax in the Lord. Forget yourself and your fears. Hand over your... read more

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