Patty Kogutek, author of “A Change of Habit,” has helped thousands cure their anxiety, living “guilt-free.” Living as a Catholic nun for 7 years, and working her way through a 12 year failed marriage, Patty gathered “7 Secrets to Guilt-Free Living” that gave her the courage and the permission to finally follow her heart putting the expectation of others aside. Get my free Ebook,”The Making of a Guilt Sponge” here.


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Adriana Trigiani

“Patty Kogutek is a spiritual dynamo! She may have had a Change of Habit but when it comes to life, never a change of heart. She is all about friendship, family and faith, and writes of all three with verve.”

-Adriana Trigiani
Bestselling author of Big Stone Gap

G-Vites--Everyday Invitations from God

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Hope’s a Bloomin’

Have you ever heard someone say that they were “hoping against hope?” I never quite understood that cliché until this….. “This is such a waste of time, “ I berated myself as I poured yet another glassful of water into my bare-stemmed orchid plant. This barren stem had lost its beautiful blooms over a year and a half ago. How foolish was I to regularly douse that ungrateful lone shoot religiously every week for over a year without even a hint of new growth? As I was about to throw the silly thing in the trash I noticed a small “bump” on the lonely stalk. This slight change was enough to keep hope alive. I kept watering no matter what the basic facts bared or what reality said. FINALLY a small miniature leaf appeared much to my surprise. Hope springs eternal! So the saying goes, In this case Hope blooms eternal. The virtue of hope is a necessary item in our backpack as we make our hike through this lifetime. Hope focuses on the expectation of positive outcomes. Hope clears the surrounding darkness as we seek our way. Hope can take the worst of circumstances into optimistic recovery. Like a kaleidoscope that twists multicolored pieces of color into artistic formations, our lives become a piece of art. Hope gives us the reassurance that the jagged segment will come together to form something beautiful. There is Divine Order and all things DO work out for the best EVENTAULLY, and this can take time. We may not see the rewards at first. But we can never give up. We need to... read more

Mirror, Mirror, On That Wall….

Do you really use your reflective mirrors? Although very fragile, these shiny silvery objects are very powerful. Like it or not they give you the information you need. You see your own image prompting you to take action…comb your hair, put on lipstick, oops…there’s a piece of lettuce stuck in your teeth. Oftentimes, you face the mirror admiring the look of newly styled hair, a big smile, or the effect of the makeup artist’s tricks. You see beauty, building confidence and positivity. On the opposite side, it may even be scary observing the fearful eyes, the puffy face or the bruises and scars, reinforcing the negative. But the mirrors never lie….they reflect what is happening between you and your environment at that moment. Our lives also project like mirrors providing us with the useful reflections we need for spiritual growth and happiness. A simple mirror reminds us of what we put out there, and what it returns to us, no matter how beautiful or how painful it may be. It’s called the Law of Attraction working like a boomerang…garbage in, garbage out, or gratitude in, gratitude out. You are on the receiving end of your own thoughts and attitudes! The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law stating that every positive or negative event in your life, you attracted. Operating easily in 3 easy steps, THINK, BELIEVE, EXPERIENCE, you are actually co-creating your own life. This concept reminds me of a sign I saw: “She loved life and it loved her right back.” It’s as simple and as complicated as that. So this week, look in the mirrors along... read more

Where Did Service and Generosity Go?

Pastor Rick Warren advises, “To have a happy heart, you have to practice SERVICE and GENEROSITY every day.” When I think of “service” Mother Teresa and her work comes to mind and the words of JFK echo, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” Have service and generosity gone by the wayside? I don’t see many young girls scampering to the convents to serve as nuns. Nor do I see throngs of newly graduated college students eager to put their degree to work in a service industry like the Peace Corps. Maybe we are all missing out on this key to happiness? Do we have to step out of the ordinary daily routines to be of service? Jesus taught his disciples the walk from place to place to find ways to serve. He instructed his followers to observe and to love the world that was right in front of them. Guess that Jesus wrote about G-vites first! Agreeing with Jesus (smart girl), I don’t think we have to go the extremes of joining a convent or traveling to a third world country to be of service. Opportunities present themselves in a myriad of ways each day. Mother Teresa teaches us how to take this lofty ideal of service and generosity and bring it into our everyday lives. Her admonition is to take small gestures and do them with great love. I would offer a key to remember: TKO. Approach each task being THOUGHTFUL, KIND, AND OBSERVANT thinking “how can I serve?” Small gestures like opening a door for someone,... read more

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