Patty’s “Guilt-Free” Store

Anyone can get their hands on different works from Sister Mary Vodka, from a book that offers the tools to improve and de-stress your conscious, to CD and MP3 meditations that can help erase the guilt that has built up in your life. 



These Pumps Are Made for Kicking Guilt

A Guided Workshop by Patty Ptak Kogutek a.k.a. Sister Mary Vodka

Testimonials from the workshop’s participants:

“Thank you for being my teacher when I needed one. You opened my mind, my heart, and my soul. I am a different person than I used to be, I am so incredibly grateful. I can’t wait to see what I do with it! I feel like I belong in the Universe, I am a part of something.” – Gail, Fresh Start 2014, Phoenix, AZ

“Not only did I feel stronger, you affirmed for me that all the things I had been trying to do, I was on the right path, I needed the extra ‘tools in my kit to hone the skills.  I needed that support and yes, even that kick in the butt to teach me that I am responsible for my joy and happiness! I wanted to tell you that you helped make a difference in my life. I am grateful that God led me there because he knew it’s what I needed right now in my life! ” -Laurie, Fresh Start 2014, Phoenix, AZ