From Disaster to Divinity

Recently Joe and I were enjoying the sights and bites of NYC, scheduled to depart on Monday, Oct. 29th.  We were aware of an impending storm never realizing its severity or speed.   Our Friday morning visit to the 9/11 Memorial proved to be not only moving but prophetic.  Although we did not know anyone personally lost in the tragedy, we couldn’t help being shaken to the core considering how fellow human beings could inflict this unthinkable pain upon innocent people.  Name, after name, around the beautiful reflecting pools brought the disbelief, sorrow, and questions to our minds and hearts once again.  Despite ill-willed efforts, the strong souls came back and rebuilt NYC.  Life indeed is a game of recovery and its citizens are survivors. But the devastating  impact carried by the nearly completed Memorial didn’t have to be packed in our bags to be taken with us.  Our rescheduled departure put us out a day earlier on Sunday morning, leaving NYC to be hit with yet another disaster.  When we arrived home in Phoenix we were glued to the TV watching the wind and water bring the “city that never sleeps” to a dead standstill.  We witnessed the places that we had just enjoyed two days earlier (and miles beyond)  being torn apart which seemed outrageous and almost unfair.  No, no, not again! The vicious attack by Mother Nature is again challenging the “spirit” of the people and the nation.  People fearing for the lives could only stand by helplessly as their livelihood, homes, and families were literally washed away. How can any good possibly come out of this? Watching that same TV screen, trying to put everything in “God’s perspective”,  I saw the Spirit in action, once again.   News commentators reported that our human nature of helping was evident showing neighbors feeding each other, sharing clothing, and truly loving each other.  I’d argue that isn’t our human nature, but our divine nature.  Maybe God allows these tragedies to give us opportunities to practice LOVE.  Do we need such a jolt?  We are part of the WHOLE…part of the ONENESS.  Love is at our very core, binding us together.  It’s the Divinity we all share.    All of our energy is connected and limitless.  We need to accept the idea that we are all co-creators with God and the Universe.  We need to SERVE with LOVE and GRATITUDE…in every situation.   As we keep all the people who have been hurt in this tragedy in our thoughts and prayers, let’s try to let our light shine seeing Divinity amidst the disaster. We know that our faith tells us the somehow, somewhere, Goodness will reign.

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