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Anyone can get their hands on different works from Sister Mary Vodka, from a book that offers the tools to improve and de-stress your conscious, to CD and MP3 meditations that can help erase the guilt that has built up in your life. 


Kindle Version

  • “Growing up Catholic, I could relate to so many of the references and the experiences Patty shares – but you do not have to be raised Catholic to know about guilt – and this is a book for everyone!  Patty’s perspective is to impart truth in a fun and light-hearted way, and that is exactly what reading this book will let you to – lighten your heart!” – Gerry Gavin, author “Messages from Margaret” and Hay House radio host.
  • “A Change of Habit takes you on an extraordinary journey into the world of hope and inspiration. Regardless if you are just beginning your journey, or are highly enlightened, this profound story will have a major positive impact on your life.” –Nick Bunick, author of the New York Times bestseller “The Messengers”
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Soft Cover

  • “Patty Kogutek has opened more than her heart by sharing her personal story. Her experience and the wisdom she shares will help you understand the importance of feeling at peace with the choices you make in life.” “This is not a book about being a nun…it’s a book about a woman choosing to be free.” – Sharon Lechter, author of “Think and Grow Rich for Women”, “Outwitting the Devil”,”Three Feet From Gold”, and co-authored international best-seller, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”
  • “Reading about Patty’s transformation from Sister Mary Kateri to Sister Mary Vodka will help you realize that you, too, can live a guilt-free life. And more importantly, it helps to give you the courage and strength to actually do it!  –Dana Wilde, Wall Street Business Radio Network: “The Mind Aware Show”
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Releasing Your Guilt

Free The Feelings
  • ReleasingYourGuiltCD
  • This guided meditation is designed to turn your attention inward as you throw off the burdens of guilt that have weighed you down. You will make a deep connection with your own worthiness, letting go of guilt, remorse, and regret. Through this meditation you will find forgiveness, and self-love, discovering the joy within.
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Washing Away The Stains of Guilt

Digital Download
  • WashingAwayGuiltMP3
  • Many are burdened with the pangs and pains of guilt: the fear of failure, the stress of not being “good enough” and missing the mark of perfection that you seek. In this guided mediation you will unwind into a deep relaxation to wash away the burdens of guilt that have stained and strained your happiness.
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Protecting Your Happiness

Digital Download
  • ProtectingYourHappinessMP3
  • Tune into the powerful force that resides within you. Your happiness is in your power and control. This guided meditation will give you the opportunity to focus inward, providing ways for you to protect your own happiness that can easily be forsaken in trying to please others.
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These Pumps Are Made for Kicking Guilt

A Guided Workshop by Patty Ptak Kogutek a.k.a. Sister Mary Vodka

Testimonials from the workshop’s participants:

“Thank you for being my teacher when I needed one. You opened my mind, my heart, and my soul. I am a different person than I used to be, I am so incredibly grateful. I can’t wait to see what I do with it! I feel like I belong in the Universe, I am a part of something.” – Gail, Fresh Start 2014, Phoenix, AZ

“Not only did I feel stronger, you affirmed for me that all the things I had been trying to do, I was on the right path, I needed the extra ‘tools in my kit to hone the skills.  I needed that support and yes, even that kick in the butt to teach me that I am responsible for my joy and happiness! I wanted to tell you that you helped make a difference in my life. I am grateful that God led me there because he knew it’s what I needed right now in my life! ” -Laurie, Fresh Start 2014, Phoenix, AZ