As we are busy packing up the decorations, taking down the tree, and wrapping the figurines from the crèche scene, we cannot lose sight of the holy day that we haven’t even celebrated yet. That is the feast of the Epiphany, ending the official 12th day of Christmas.

Their message is important because we see ourselves in the message of the 3 Magi. The Wise Men sought out the birth of Jesus following the light of the star. 

Like the Wise Men we must continue to search and seek out the Divine in our daily lives in this upcoming New Year?

But where in this crazy world do we find God living amongst us?

I’ll liken my big “Christmas learning” as “Finding Waldo”. Reading that children’s book, “Where’s Waldo”, we are invited to search for Waldo in a field of distractions. Waldo is disguised, blending into the background of ordinary pictures. After picking our way through the maze of distractions, we joyfully declare, “there he is”, when we finally identify our man, Waldo.

Like looking for Waldo in an array of color, lines and images, we seek God amongst our everyday lives.

We have to keep our eyes and hearts on alert to identify God masquerading in our daily routines asking ourselves, what is God inviting me to learn, to give or experience during this particular event?

God isn’t going to pop off the page of life. We still need to take an active part to keep up our part of the relationship.

As we enter this New Year let’s adopt the intention of seeking God in each situation that arises. Our search will definitely lead us to new growth and understanding filled with joy and happiness.

That first Christmas the three Wise men followed the star leading them to Emmanuel. Wise men and women will still seek him today. Will you?