What Makes a Good Day?

What Makes a Good Day?

Charlie Chaplin’s quote, “a day without laughter is a day wasted”, is seen at many food and drink scenes!

What makes a “day worth living” for you? What makes it a “good day”?  It’s a great question to ponder. Knowing what makes a good day for us will allow us to prioritize our day’s actions, getting the most out of each day.

According to Nancy Collamer who wrote “5 Essential Steps to Have a Good Day” there are 3 questions to be asked at the end of the day:

  1. Did you spend your time and attention on things that matter?
  2. Did you feel that you did a good job and had the support of others?
  3. Did the day leave you feeling more energized than depleted?

I appreciate the 3 items listed by Nancy Collamer above, but I need to add one more item to here list.  I’d add a touch of spirituality in every day. I mean I need an “Aha God” moment. …that divine tug in my heart. For just one split second I want to feel that Divine Presence in my life.

Now this divine connection can come in many ways and forms. It could be when I read something inspirational in a book or even social media. Or it can come from enjoying family and friends realizing that these people are reflections of God. Maybe during a walk outside or taking in a colorful sunset, somehow the majesty of our Creator is apparent.

These special moments come when I am “present” in the situation seeing it for what it truly is. A particular time given to me to learn, grow or enjoy. It’s a fleeting moment in my life that I don’t want to miss.

In this awareness I feel the Presence, bringing gratefulness. Grateful to be alive, to know that God is with me, and this is all meant to be part of the bigger plan so don’t miss it!

This attitude of gratitude is a type of prayer. Needing no words this prayerful heart rings out “Thank You Lord”!

Adding this dose of spirituality to each day you will be assured to make each day, not only a good day, but a great day.