Two Saddest Words

Two Saddest Words

Wondering if there would be golf in heaven, two friends who were ardent golfers made an agreement that whoever died first would  bring back the news.

Eventually one did pass on, and keeping his promise came back and reported, “ I have good news and bad news,” he said. “The good news is there are superb courses in heaven. The bad news is you’re next on the tee.”

This old golf joke reminds us of our good news and bad news. The good news is that God is merciful and forgiving. The bad news:  the clock is ticking and our time is limited.

We have limited time to become good husbands and wives to our spouses. We have limited time to become the good parents our children need. We have limited time to become the good friends that so many people need us to be for them. We have a limited time to grow into the people God always hoped we would be.

Even limited time is lots of time, and eventually it is no time at all.

Should that frighten us? Indeed it should because we may be destroying our marriages, our children, our friendships and our lives – without even noticing. Not intentionally, but simple day to day neglect, by not getting around to seeing our gifts, wanting to do something for someone and never getting around to it and intending to change and never doing it….time’s up!

The two words, “Too Late”, is a bitter phrase that we all have to consider. We cannot change the past but we can take hold of the future and with God’s help, build the best future worthy of us.

Our merciful God is giving us the second chance that we all need. The chance to live our lives right, the chance to be the best spouses, parents and friends that we can be.

Let’s not waste these second chances. Let’s put our hearts and hands to the good work that God has given us and never turn back!


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