The Power of “One”

The Power of “One”

Do you ever feel like you are in a rut, plodding through the same thing, day in and day out? Perhaps you feel like a rat running in his little treadmill of everyday activities, responsibilities, and tasks to accomplish?

It may be that those lofty goals of joyful exhilaration that you set for yourself are gathering dust in the recesses of your brain. All of your time, energy and resources are spent just “getting by”.

Our lives are a gift and meant to be celebrated every single day. We need to keep our hopes, dreams, and vision vibrant, positive, and motivating. But how?

We need to remember that our lives can turn around in “one”.

One second, one phone call, one friend, one idea or one leap of faith can jolt us out of our ruts and move us in a whole new direction. Our entire lives are made up of small happenings, the “ones”.

These “ones” are the miracles that God send us every single day with the power to change us.

These “ones” are God’s invitations, or “G-vites”. But sometimes we get so caught up looking for the big events that we miss the impact of the smaller happenings.

Think of how one small gesture of a phone call from a friend for no apparent reason lifted your spirits. Recall how one short smile from a person in the grocery store encouraged your own smile in return. Think of a one comment from someone that made you laugh. Relish the one new thought or idea that clicked for you really turned your life around.

Sometimes in our hurriedness we merely get by without really celebrating the small “ones” in everyday routines.

Let’s to be grateful for these “ones”, these seemingly insignificant happenings that surround us. Because in the, our whole big entire life is really made up of all the small “one” moments.

Celebrate, cherish, and count the “ones” as the blessings that they are. So let’s anticipate, recognize, and be grateful for the everyday miracles found in the power of “one”.

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