Pass the Salt Please!

Pass the Salt Please!

On vacation this summer Joe and I were frustrated with the slow pouring salt-shakers! (Just one of our bad habits!) Taking matters into his own hands, Joe switched the tops of the salt and pepper-shakers giving us the “fast pour” on the salt. Salt is one of my four basic food groups. It serves us well for two reasons!

Salt not only spices up our food but also has a valuable lesson for us.

What can a common spice teach us? Back in its day, common salt was traded and valued like oil is today. It was because of what it did for other things that made it so important and esteemed.

Salt was in high regard and often used as a high standard. (“He’s not worth his salt.”)

Salt brings out flavor, and adds zest to everything. Salt acted as a preservative to prevent spoilage, as it does in many ways today, making it a very valuable commodity.

Even Jesus used salt in his teaching, “you are the salt of the earth”. Just what are we suppose to learn from this?

We are each called to be each other’s salt in two ways:

We add flavor:

We draw out the best in others, adding the spice of life – we make people smile, we dash their fears (real or imaginary), we add the zest of friendship, love, a hug, a phone call, sharing a meal.

Salt in us brings out the best in ourselves allowing us to enhance the lives of others, just like the foods it serves.

We preserve:

Like salt, we also preserve each other, protecting health and happiness. We encourage one another on our journey, cheer those on chasing their dreams, safeguard their reputations, keep alive their faith and help put situations in perspective – take it with a “grain of salt”.

So let us never forget that we are salt for one another. Keep your special flavor strong so that all whose lives you touch will grow, flourish and persevere.