Life’s An Adventure Don’t Forget Your Attitude

Life’s An Adventure Don’t Forget Your Attitude

What attitude do you bring to each day? Do you drown your mind in judgment, finding faults with others and yourself? Or do you brighten your day with the attitude of “anticipating miracles”?

You can wake up each day recounting the difficulty you have with parts of your body that no longer work, or you can get out of bed thankful for the ones that do.

This invisible attitude, even before we rise, is very important as we unwrap the gift of each day.  Choose to be a Miracle Seeker!

Miracle Seekers naturally add anticipation to their days. Their minds and their hearts have to be in the “ready position” for whatever may happen.

Miracle Seekers adopt an attitude of positive intent: they want to see, expect to see, and intend to see everything working for the highest good during the day.

Even small mundane tasks can be turned into positive activities with your attitude. Put some “positive spin”on it. Instead of thinking that “I have to go to the grocery store”, think “I GET to go to the grocery store.”

When approaching simple tasks this way, it also calls to mind other blessings that you have:  the money to buy groceries, a wonderful family to feed and living in a country where food is readily available.

With this habit of anticipation, Miracle Seekers strive to remain grateful as the day unfolds bringing pleasant and not so pleasant situations.

No matter what happens though, they try to find the silver lining, knowing that everything works out for the best. Eventually. Our loving, heavenly Father would only send you the best. Nothing is a coincidence.

Some miracles may take time. So never lose hope.

Each day is a gift. Focus on each new day storing away happy memories.  Old age is like a bank account. You withdraw from what you put in.

So keep depositing a lot of happiness in your bank account!


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