Where Did the Wonder Go?

Where Did the Wonder Go?

Joe and I are not normal! Most normal people have children and grandchildren. We don’t. So you can imagine how nervous and thrilled we were when my niece and one-year old baby came to visit us trying to escape the terrible fires in Boise.

Our house is not “baby proofed”. We have no cribs, car seats, playpens, or toys. Matter of fact I can only remember once when someone under 21 was even IN our house.

What are we ever going to do??? No problem. As it turned out, we did not have to entertain HER, she entertained US while at the same time reminding us of an all-important lesson.

This little person who could not walk or talk taught us how to live OUR lives. No fancy toys, iphones, or distractions. This small “teacher” found such delight EVERYTHING she saw, touched or heard.

She was mesmerized by simple things like Tupperware lids. She played the same songs over and over again, never tiring of the same tunes. Whatever or whoever came her way presented a new opportunity for fun and friendship.

Where did my sense of wonder go? Because we take so many aspects of life for granted we lose a sense of wonder in everyday joys.

We forget about maintaining our sense of wonder for daily occurrences in our lives: spending time with family and friends, eating food that nourishes us, and soaking up the beauty that surrounds us in nature. We take things for granted.

This little girl lived in wonder having no expectations. Whatever came her way was great. She’s not thinking, “I’ll be happy when I can walk,” or “When I’m 2 years old able to talk, things will get better.

Taking things for granted and expecting the mundane suck the sense of wonder right out of us.

Now we know why Jesus said that we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven unless we become like little children. We need to discover the AWESOMENESS surrounding us. 

Thanks for the lesson, Josie!


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