What Matters Most?

What Matters Most?

Life pushes forward by cycles: days, weeks and years; autumn, spring, fall, and summer; infancy, teens, middle age and senior citizen; joys, sorrows, and resilience.

At each of these junctures in our life, it’s important that we just don’t blindly follow the herd into the next series of events, missing our big AHA!

We need to pause, REFECT, REFOCUS and RECOMMIT to what matters most.

And what does matter most?

In the end when all the seasons and life cycles are completed there is one question for evaluation:

How did you fulfill your life’s purpose?

We are put on this earth for a special reason. We are put on this earth to achieve our great self and to live out of purpose, our destiny! We have one life and we don’t want to waste it as we run from one day to the next.

It’s a time for Reflection – Where are you on your journey? Are you happy? What strengths have you been given? How are you using your particular gifts? What makes your soul sing?

It’s a time to Refocus – What exactly is your life’s purpose? How are you measuring up? Did God make a good investment in creating you? What are you giving back to your earthly and heavenly communities?

It’s a time for Recommitment – Your journey is not yet finished. Take a deep breath, buckle up for the rest of the ride and renew your commitment to your answering “yes” to God’s daily invitations.

Making sense out of your life and putting its pieces together well is no simple matter. It’s a task that is never finished, even for the best and brightest. No matter how old or wise we become, there is always one more question to be wrestled with, one more door to walk through, one more strange new room to enter and put in order.

Life seems to catch up with us and reminds us pointedly we are not done yet, we have not seen all that God has to show us; we have not yet become all that God hopes for us.

So as we cycle into this New Year, this new beginning, let’s courageously walk with God finding our purpose and strength each day to answer “yes” to what God puts before us.

“How tragic it is to find that an entire lifetime is wasted in pursuit of distractions while purpose is neglected.” – Sunday Adelaja


Happy New Year!






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