What, Married 50 Years?

What, Married 50 Years?

The celebrating couple mingled among the guests at their 50th wedding anniversary. One of the guests pulled the “groom” aside and asked,

 “You make marriage look easy. Has it always been this easy?”

The celebrant replied, “No, I even considered divorce and my wife did also.”

The inquisitor pressed to understand, “Then how did you make it 50 years?”

The response, “We never considered it at the same time.”

Yes, life is tough. Our lives are roads paved with life lessons to be LEARNED by trail, and error. 

We struggle with marriage, children, loss, illness, doubt and darkness. We get depressed, tired, fed up, impatient and ready to throw the towel in.

But never forget that we are social beings who, as the Beatles lyrics remind us, “…I get by with a little help from my friends”.

We need others to lift our spirits, listen to our problems, reassure our doubts and remind us of the important things in life that we may have forgotten.

We forget who we really are and what is really important, what really matters in life, who our real friends are, who loves us and what we were made for.

We are not walking this journey alone.  Not only are our friends, there for us, but also we must remember that the Lord walks at our side.

The Lord walks with us as a partner and mentor who wants to see us succeed and who understands that it’s going to take us awhile.

What more could we ask? How can we not be confident and hopeful and put all fears behind us. After all, God is with us and for us.

Trust God, talk to the Lord, listen to the Lord. God knows the way home and wants to see us safely all the way there. Thank God for sending us help along the way. Thank God, indeed!




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