What in the Heck Are You Doing Here?

What in the Heck Are You Doing Here?

One of my favorite quotes comes from Oscar Wilde writing that the two most important days in our lives are the day we are born and the day we discover “why”.

God created us for a reason. We each are entrusted with a special mission to accomplish here on earth. No one else can fill our shoes or our responsibilities.

We only have this one life to live, and as you’ve heard this is not a dress rehearsal. We need to be living out our “why” right now, each and every day to the best of our ability.

But how do we know the will of God for us? Since God made us with all of our individual traits and unique abilities, it stands to reason that the one simple “why” that would apply to all of us is to Be Your Best Self.

In order to be our BEST, we have to assess and reflect on what exactly God gave us as his investment in our earthy journey. God would not send us out on our “mission” unarmed for the jaunt.

What did our Creator design us for? What precisely are we bringing to this life? What is in our personal arsenal?


What are your legitimate needs? What do you require for life and the pursuit of happiness? Connection, silence, prosperity?

What are your deepest desires? Are you drawn to the arts, science, teaching, sales, etc? Do you have a deep desire to be “on stage” or to “help people”?

What talents do you have? Gifts? Do you have an ear for music? Are you a natural-born leader? Introvert? Extrovert?

They say that there are 7 intelligences (not just in math and literature as we test in schools). Besides the “traditional” intelligences of math and reading we also must include intrapersonal relationship, interpersonal relationships, art, music, and physical skills.

Considering the answers to these questions your inventory will lead you in the direction that God is calling to you. These answers will help you find out your “why”, your purpose in life.

When we are on the right track, we will experience happiness. If we are frustrated or swimming up stream constantly we may be on the wrong path.

Listen to your soul’s yearnings, tugging you in a particular direction. Follow that inner GPS.

So what makes your heart sing? There you will find peace, happiness and fulfillment.


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