We Owe as Much as We Need

We Owe as Much as We Need

All of us human beings struggle to get things right. We never seem to get it right the first time. Cultural norms, social pressures, and self-imposed high expectations sometimes forget this crucial point in being human.

We judge, evaluate and criticize, not only ourselves but those around us. This constant mindset of comparison, appraising, and assessing our surroundings is useless. (Although that’s the way that many of us were raised…things were either right or wrong, black or white, “my way or the highway”)

And trying to “go it alone” may sound like an aspired ideal of individualism, but it won’t work in the long run.

We are each on our own personal lifetime journey. It’s a road paved with life lessons to be LEARNED by trail, error and help!

No one just bounces into this life perfectly acting out every moment. No one “gets it all” nor can they do it by themselves. We are born into communities of families, neighborhoods and towns.

We are social beings who, as the Beatles lyrics remind us, “…I get by with a little help from my friends”.

God gives us enough adversity for growth and learning while providing us with enough joy for true happiness. God works through us providing these various opportunities.

We need to get clear and remember more than anything else: we all need to loosen our grip on the idea of perfection and we all need and owe all the help we can get and give.

So let’s be open getting and giving help, and never hold back.

Our reward will be watching each other grow while fulfilling our own life’s purpose.



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