Tag…You’re It.

Tag…You’re It.

Remember the childhood game of tag, running to touch your friend, yelling “tag”. The tagged person being the new designated runner to go find someone else to “tag”.

News flash: We did not leave this game in our childhood days. God plays this game with us every day.

Each and every morning God touches our souls divinely calling out “tag” you’re it, now go spread the love.

Kind of like the idea of “Pay it forward”. You’ve heard of the generous person in the drive through lane paying for the order of the person in the car behind him. Although this surprise gift is picking up the tab behind, it actually keeps the “game of giving” going forward.

“A purposeful act or extension of kindness to another is never wasted, for it always resides in the hearts of all involved in a chain of love.” Molly Friedenfeld, The Book of Simple Human Truths

Cultivating this attitude is an important part of being human. We need to realize that life is much more than a strict accounting of situations where you pay me and I pay you back. Much more than “an eye for an eye”.

Learning to pay it forward adds a Divine connection, meaning and dignity to our lives. Experience the joy in giving knowing that it feels good to give to others, whether we get back or not. We are happy connecting to our higher calling.

There are always opportunities in our everyday lives to help. We just need to be aware. There’s the elderly person who needs help crossing the street, the person in front of us in the grocery line that might not have enough to complete her transaction, the friend experiencing some emotional pain….the list is endless!

Remember the times when someone was there for us just when we needed them and when we least expected it!?!? It happens all the time!!

We just have to pay attention and be aware. The opportunities are all around us!

Let’s keep our eyes and our minds open! We can be their IT.

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