Stay the Course!

Stay the Course!

One of my favorite motivational saying is, “It may not be the cruise we signed up for, but it’s the ship we’re on.”

We start out in life with high hopes, even higher expectations, and the knowledge that everything in life will go as planned.

But somehow life has a way of dashing our game plan. We all want the best of life, but that may be the source of our problems. Small disappointments and failures are an important part of our life’s journey, planned or not.

Don’t let disappointments pollute your mind. We must be aware that our outside circumstances have nothing to do with our inside happiness – what really matters.

Remember your many gifts. Don’t focus on the losses or the negative challenges that come to all of us. Bouncing back from disappointment does not mean that it did not sting.

Focus on the whole picture of your life. Life is a special gift so there is always reason to celebrate. Remember that the sunshine always follows the rain.

Everyday friends, jobs, family, love, health are all miracles that we sometimes overlook. Enjoy each blessing and each moment that life gives you to put the positivity in your outlook.

The happiest of people don’t have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything the do have. Here’s what I mean.

As I was walking, I saw this weathered car, chugging with the engine that sounded like it was missing on a few cylinders, slowed down to a stop in front of the stately home adorned with well manicured lawns and sophisticated gardens. A scraggy man, apparently a day laborer, exited the car to report for his day job. As his driver circled around me leaving the premises, her license plate taught me an important lesson: “LKELDY” – LUCKY LADY.

Jobs, money and position don’t ensure happiness not do they change the quality of happiness as this Lucky Lady has learned.  Find your happiness where you are planted.

If you feel like your ship is sinking (like we often do, it’s part of the itinerary) remember to stay calm and stay the course.


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