Spurred On By ZD Wine

Spurred On By ZD Wine

Recently I attended a wine dinner celebrating the 50thanniversary of the ZD winery in Napa Valley. The owner explained how his father began making wines while working in the aerospace industry in 1968.  In naming his newly found winery, he lifted the name, “ZD”, off the walls from his past employer, standing for Zero Defects.

ZD – Zero Defects, a perfect call to excellence for all of us to remember.

Can anything really be perfect? Well it is!

Can we live in this conundrum with ironies surrounding us?

All of creation is bursting with the Creator’s love. It’s up to us to discover how this “perfect” is in all the “imperfection” that we see.

Even if you just look at the letters of the word, “imperfection”, you will find the word, “perfect”. The smaller word is tucked, almost hidden, in all the rest of the letters.

How can we find this “perfect” with all the suffering, injustices and misery in the world? How can we find that kernel of perfect order in the midst of the chaos surrounding us?

We need an attitude adjustment donning our faith colored glasses, knowing that everything works out for the best in God’s Big Picture. We may not understand it at the time. Maybe looking back in hindsight may help, but other times, may not.

We are made in the image and likeness of God. We are “chips off the old block”, working our way back home.

Listen to your heart whispering, “There’s more than you can see right now, much, much more on the other side of the wall. You are not made for this world.”  We are spiritual beings having a temporary journey!

Each one of us is called, not just a generic  – “y’all come”. God is able to see and provide what is best for us, something that we often fail to do. In each situation God is inviting us, “You, come trusting me and I will teach you how to grow into your best self, an image of my Divine likeness. ”

So when you are surrounded by the Ds- the Defects of your life, remember:

“Failure doesn’t mean you are a failure it just means you haven’t succeeded yet. “ – Robert H. Schuller

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