Small Moments Big Success

Small Moments Big Success

Has your life been successful so far? How do you judge it? Do you consider what you do? Where you live? What you have? Your influence? Your power? Your bank account?

All of these considerations may be motivational but surely don’t make a complete successful life.

Look at all the people that society deems accomplished and prosperous… the business tycoons, the movie stars and the power brokers. They too will be judged by the “small moments”.

In the bigger scheme, life is pretty simple.

A successful life comes in small moments.

Small moments of

Kindness, we always remember how others go out of their way for us.

Resolution, we celebrate our determination to “get through”.

Risk-taking, we learn that we have wings and really CAN fly.

Forgiveness, when we grow in spirit giving others as we pray, “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those that have trespassed against us”. (There’s the measure)

Failure, when we can accept, grow and even embrace failure as the other side of the coin.

Fortitude, discovering our own strength that we find within, and without!

Love, the affection we experience that reflects the love that God has for us.

Laughter, the spice of life that let’s into God’s sense of humor. I think that God made the giraffe and had to laugh!

Aren’t these the really big things that are lasting?

In the end, it’s not who we think we are that counts, it’s the small moments in life that we will treasure, remember and carry with us.



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