Shine On!

Shine On!

We are not who we think we are! We are not defined by what we do for a living, where we live, what is in our bank account or who people think we are.

“When we’re growing up there are all sorts of people telling us what to do, when what we really need is space to work out who to be.”  Ellen Page

So who are we REALLY? There is a part of each of us that is divine. There are moments when our “Higher Self” is trying to emerge through our overwhelmed thoughts. Amid the static, our divine nature shines through.

 “Who we are to be” is our calling to connect with our “Higher Self”. It is simple. It is God who has always been inside of us waiting to meet us.

We meet God in many ways while fulfilling our mission on earth, our destiny just being true to ourselves.

On our journeys, our souls are calling us, leading us through the thicket of daily life to shine, share, and illuminate this divinity inside of us.

Our journeys may differ. There are many roads to the kingdom, and not one right way to get there.

As we look back on our lives we can see the subtle ways that our souls are pulling us to discover one thing:  who we really are – divine children of God.

Neale Donald Walsch describes a soul true unto itself:

Heaven is not a kingdom where you pay homage to someone else. It is a kingdom where you greet yourself as royalty. 

It is this “aha” moment that takes a lifetime to discover and eternity to celebrate: We are royalty!

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