Ring For Service

Ring For Service

Wouldn’t it be nice to just ring the bell to request anything that would satisfy our every whim? We’d have no worries, no pain, no sorrows, and anything to make our lives easier, more pleasant and more enjoyable. Buzz….buzzz

In actuality we have something, Someone, much better. We don’t even have to push a buzzer to be cared for. God is at our beck and call to hear, responding with an answer to our every prayer. He hears every whimper from our hearts. He is aware of each thought tucked away in our brains. He celebrates every success with us and he is there to wipe away every tear falling from our eyes.

The Lord makes sure we have everything we need for our earthly journey to fulfill our “mission”, our reason for being here. God would not commission us to this life without equipping us for the onslaught! When we need courage, faith, peace of mind, patience, tolerance, acceptance, honesty and love….ASK HIM….RING…

And the Lord will provide us with what we need when we need it. Never fret because your buzzing seems to go unanswered. God works on DST (Divine Standard Time) while we are glued to our earthly clocks. God has our front and backsides covered as we walk with him in an untimely fashion. God’s time is not our time. 

God loves us so much that he will withhold absolutely nothing from us. No matter what, God will always be there for us, with ALL his love and power, comfort and grace. Have faith!

There ARE no limits to God’s commitment to us, none at all. Even in the most terrible of moments, God is with us, supporting us saying, “You can count on me. I’ll never desert you, and there’s nothing I won’t give you.” Have hope!

When we see our way through the storms there are also the brightest of days, because it tells how very much we are loved, and because it reminds us, despite all appearances, ALL IS WELL.

So let us rejoice, because, thanks to our good God, ALL WILL BE WELL.

“God loved us before he made us; and his love has never diminished and never shall.” – Julian of Norwich



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