Prayer for Busy People

Prayer for Busy People

‘Tis the Season for WOW!  The magical season, not only for children, but for all those pure of heart.  It’s a religious celebration that is skewed with commercial demands, pulling us sometimes “apart at the seams.”

Last year I shared a book that my dear friend, Jackie, who I befriended in sixth grade, recommended to me that helps put a “workable” approach to prayer especially during the times of our feeling “overwhelmed”.

Author, Anne Lamott gives us the “Cliff notes” of prayer, during this busy season, when words fail us or we are pressed for time. In her book, “Help, Thanks, Wow”, the author discusses these three essential prayers.

The first prayer is merely “Help”…help those who are suffering.  “Help” those in need”.  “Help” our country. “Help” me get through these days without a family drama!  Simply pray, “Help”. (You know how to fill in the blanks!)

The second prayer, “Thanks”, should be an easy one.  Especially after we have counted so many blessings at Thanksgiving.  “Thanks” for getting me through that interview.  “Thanks” for my healthy child”. “Thanks” that I didn’t get a speeding ticket. A pattern of gratefulness builds happiness.

The final prayer, “Wow” takes your breath away.  It’s the innocence in us that is breathless in the face of wonder.  “Wow” is seeing the vastness of the ocean for the very first time.  We are at a loss of words taking in the beauty of the Grand Canyon.  “Wow” look at those wildflowers along the path.  “Wow” look at Shamu!  “Wow” look at that sunset!  “Wow” expresses the “awe” that we live in, that we sometimes take for granted.

So during this season of “Wow”, take these simple everyday prayers and make them your HABIT!

Merry WOW Christmas! And Happy Hanukkah!


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