Patty Kogutek, author of “A Change of Habit,” has helped thousands cure their anxiety, living “guilt-free.” Living as a Catholic nun for 7 years, and working her way through a 12 year failed marriage, Patty gathered “7 Secrets to Guilt-Free Living” that gave her the courage and the permission to finally follow her heart putting the expectation of others aside.


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As we go through our daily lives, we often find ourselves at a loss for words when it comes to prayer. This small prayer book contains “prayer starters” covering occasion both happy and sad. Use these thoughts and words as a ready reference and springboard for your own conversation with God.

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Adriana Trigiani “Patty Kogutek is a spiritual dynamo! She may have had a Change of Habit but when it comes to life, never a change of heart. She is all about friendship, family and faith, and writes of all three with verve.” -Adriana Trigiani Bestselling author of Big Stone Gap

Attitude is Everything!

I had to laugh when I read: “It’s been ‘one of those days’….3 years in a row.” But sometimes that is just the way we feel….maybe for 3 years. Hardship makes us feel out of control, not deserving of this suffering. Why me? We sometimes lose hope not seeing light at the end of the tunnel. No one can help. And God seems far removed in silence, not offering any answers Adversity, no matter to what degree, is a part of life. It’s an essential lesson in this “School of Life”. Adversity calls for the old fashioned virtue called Perseverance. For me, perseverance conjures up the mental image of bundling up in a parka, mittens, boots and scarf, working to maintain my balance braving the bitter cold gusts of a Midwest winter. This “stick to it” attitude, this “braving the elements” mentally keeps us on our course of action and purpose in spite of all the obstacles, difficulties or discouragement. We gut it out, not matter what the situation. We keep jumping through whatever hoop life might put in front of us. We build up stamina. We exhibit tenacity. We extend our endurance. Looking in the rear view mirror you can see that you have survived the storms. So you are a winner, batting 1000! As we plod through the syllabus of our own life lessons, let’s arm ourselves with the mental attitude of perseverance, remembering what Winston Churchill admonished. “If you are going through hell, keep going.” Because nothing lasts forever! Keep your thoughts Positive! Remember, Attitude is... read more

Are You a Worthy Wink From God?

Recently a new friend of mine gave me a wonderful book, “When God Winks” by SQuire Rushnell (Yes, he spells with it with a capital Q). The central theme of this book explains how God guides our lives through the power of coincidences. We all know that there is a “Bigger Picture”, but only when we look at the “coincidences” coming together at some end point can we get a small glimpse into the Divine workings. In creating the world and all that is in it, God left his fingerprint on every creature. We are all part of God’s handiwork coded to work together in the further unfolding of the Divine Plan. God uses each one of us and every situation to reach out to us. (I call it a G-vite – an invitation from God). This author refers to these circumstances as “winks” from God, giving us each a special nod of love. God is speaking to us and to the longing in our hearts. We long for communion, for peace and most of all love that lasts. If we want love that lasts, we have to give love that lasts; love that watches over and takes care, love that takes turns at giving one another a life and a love that sticks together through thick and thin. We actually are working in partnership with God. We can be the wink and nod to everyone we meet. I ask myself, “Am I giving and receiving this lasting love?” I want to act as a worthy wink from God. Always remember: “Our duty in life is not to see... read more

Can Silly Be Saintly?

At the beginning of my spiritual journey I used to assess what it took to be a saint. “Sainthood” is a title bestowed indicating that this person had “made it”, successfully in God’s eyes. (Isn’t that why we were given this life?) My spiritual views have grown and developed along my road. I used to look at pictures and read the lives of the saints. In the accounts that I read the saints seemed to reinforce what I was learning in my Catholic schools: life is serious business and don’t screw up! We learned about mortification. (Death to the flesh). Denial, fasting, and abstinence were encouraged as bringing us closer to God. Remember the sermon about the rich man not entering heaven, only through an eye of a needle. (Still a little difficult to understand). All these tenets were very scary for a child to understand but did so shape my young life. I was a pretty serious kid wanting to please my earthly father and my Heavenly Father. Now that I’m older (and hopefully wiser) I’m reassessing some of my earlier beliefs. Previously there didn’t seem any room for much fun and laughter. Religion did not reach its long arms around any kind of frivolity. I recently enjoyed a visit from my two younger sisters enforcing my newer attitude of the power of laughter, silliness, and fun. The three of us laughed at the “stupid” things we do. We howled at some of our “missteps”. And giggled, as girls are ought to do. After the “sisters” visit, my theory on lighter is even more convincing. I’m sure that... read more

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