No “Risk It”, No Biscuit!

No “Risk It”, No Biscuit!

In a small restaurant backed up on the scenic ocean, a young couple stood in front of the picturesque view as the waitress held the camera for a photo. At that moment the young man took his girlfriend’s hand, lowered to one knee proposing his love.

The whole restaurant hushed listening to his love and intended life together. “Will you marry me?” he asked. The diners, quiet as mice, sat forward in their seats waiting for her answer.

A round of applause filled the venue as the young woman screamed, “Yes!”

Wow, after wiping away some of my own tears I thought what a brave kid! Wonder if she said “no”….that embarrassing moment would be forever captured on the video in front of all of us.

How important is our ability to take risks?

At first I considered how risk takers put themselves in peril….Evel Knievel comes to mind. But then I remembered reading that one of the five qualities that most Octogenarians share is Risk Taking.

In her book, “The Risk Factor”, Deborah Perry Piscione gives us some points to ponder to get the most out of life.

Risk Takers:

-Are in touch with a greater purpose in life. When we see our “greater purpose” in the Divine Plan we live a loving life, grateful for opportunities.

-Generally have a lower level of fear than most people. Fear holds us back sometimes missing out on happiness.

-Are curious about why things are the way they are. With this openness, curiosity creates a sense of wonder and imagination and has been linked to cultivating happiness.

-They believe anything is possible. No obstacle is too large because their enthusiasm can overcome any hesitation.

-They can shake off and even embrace failure. This positive outlook is motivational making failure merely a speed bump.

So as we take on each day, with all the challenges and opportunities, let’s adopt some of the bravery of this young man living life to the max.

“No risk it, no biscuit!” – former AZ Cardinal coach, Bruce Arians




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