Live Like a Lost Boy

Live Like a Lost Boy

Joe and I were recently vacationing with the opportunity to do some island cruising. I sat immediately behind our young captain!

The embroidery on the back of his ball cap grabbed my attention:

“Live Life Like a Lost Boy.”

At first I didn’t know exactly what that meant. My first thought being “if I was a lost boy, I would panic with fear setting in.”

With a second glance taking in the high-sailing explorer, I concluded that “fear” would not be his underlying motivation. Imagining his presumed life style, I figured I missed something returning to my reflections.

Following my initial reaction of “fear”, I enjoyed musing on how our captain (all of about 40 something, appearing footloose and fancy free) approached life.

Tossing conventions aside, the oceans of the world are his highways with open seas offering an oyster of freedom.

Following my newer takeaways, I now have a fresher outlook on the meaning that I will be try to incorporate into my life journey.

Little lost boys see life as an adventure to be enjoyed.

Little lost boys see time as fleeting never putting off until a “better day”.

Little lost boys will make the best of the situation, no matter what the obvious “rule” is.

Little lost boys will “tackle” any situation that comes their way.

Little lost boys see a “rope” and see a “swing”.

Little lost boys will toss convention aside, adopting anything necessary to improvise.

Little lost boys approach life without overthinking the problem. They just “go for it”.

Little lost boys don’t stew over being lost analyzing how did this happen. They forge on.

So this week, let’s try to adopt a little of this philosophy….see the world as our oyster, grab the adventures, and toss expectations aside to sing our own song!

BUT: Unlike a little lost boy, I think it’s OK to ask directions!


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