Life – A Team Sport?

Life – A Team Sport?

Growing up in Nebraska, mostly everyone is a football fan. Go Big Red! I never realized how much a blessing this was until I had been down for the count recovering from a hip replacement. 

Since I had my surgery right before Christmas I had two options for my TV viewing – Hallmark Christmas movies (most of which make me cry even more in my weakened state) and football bowl games (between schools I’ve never heard of).  Opting for the stronger option I chose that of the football playoffs.

In this one particular game between Houston and Army, I noticed a subtle difference with a powerful message. The Houston players all had their individual last names on the back of their uniforms.  The Army players only had the team name, ARMY, on the back of theirs. An obvious display in the differences in the approach to the game. 

Now even in my “in and out” state of trying to wean myself off the pain meds, I got the message. We are all in this game of life together….sometimes we manage individually but for the most part, life is a team sport. We get by with a “little help from our friends”, as the song lyrics go.

For there can be no “them”, only an all-inclusive “us.” The circle of our love has to grow so wide that no one is left outside. That is our life’s task and we we’ll achieve it on God’s team. 

In creating the world and all that is in it, God left his fingerprint on every creature. We are all part of God’s handiwork coded to work together in the further unfolding of the Divine Plan. Each one of us plays a special part in God’s game of life. 

God uses each one of us and every situation to reach out to us. (I call it a G-vite – an invitation from God). 

God is speaking to us and to the longing in our hearts. We long for communion, for peace and most of all, love that lasts.

If we want love that lasts, we have to give love that lasts; love that watches over and takes care, love that takes turns at giving one another a life and a love that sticks together through thick and thin. For one and all!

We actually are working in partnership with God. I ask myself, “Am I giving and receiving this lasting love?” Am I living up to my team commitment? 

Do I have my own name of the back of my jersey, or am I sporting God’s team of LOVE working together? 

Always remember:

“Our duty in life is not to see through one another, rather to see one another through.” ~Author Anonymous

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