Let It Blow!

Let It Blow!

When in doubt….let it blow! It’s been over a year since hurricane Maria hit the islands in the Caribbean. The tropical paradise of St. John took it head-on being torn asunder.

Survival and come back are now the main topics of conversation. Everyone has a genuine smile, happy to be alive. Everyone greets us with a sincere embrace, happy that we are there.

Listening to the various stories of those hellish 24 hours of bombardment, I picked up on one man’s successful strategy.

While other families were dragging refrigerators and any other heavy pieces of furniture to brace the doors from the onslaught of the ferocious winds, this one gentleman did not fight it. He opened his front door and let it blow.

He went on to share that while others lost everything with the winds hurling refrigerators through their roofs, he did not lose his roof, or his house. He let it blow.

Hopefully we won’t find ourselves struggling like this in a hurricane. But hurricanes come in many forms…loss of loved ones, illness, accidents, or merely difficult change.

FEAR NOT: Stay in faith, knowing somehow through whatever is happening, that God’s plan is at work. Reach out to friends, take baby steps, and be brave and strong no matter what.

We all are just a little afraid! RESIST NOT: Go with the flow.

Whatever person or situation presents itself embrace it, knowing that you are RSVPing to God’s invitation. God would never forsake you, no matter how terrible things seem. Nothing happens for “no good reason”.

We all are just a little out of control! Remember to open God’s  door, breathe, and let it blow.

Live in hope knowing that the sun will shine again!





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