Let God Be God

Let God Be God

God will overflow your cup, so grab the biggest one you can find. – Rob Liano

It’s difficult for us to imagine the immensity of God’s affection for us and how big it really is.

God truly delights in our being happy and giving us whatever we need – food, friendship, comfort, reassurance and challenge, forgiveness and strength. God gives us all that and more, in abundance.

Unlike our limited humanness, there are not any limits on what God’s willing to do for us. God’s love for each of us is excessive and unconditional. It does not make a difference what we do or don’t do, God will always love and provide for us.

Now, if all this is true, the fear and anxieties we sometimes have about God and about life are really crazy.

Can you see how foolish it is to worry that God may not forgive us, or may abandon us, or may expect the impossible of us, or not give us what we need.

To give credence and power to those kinds of fears is to ignore a world full of evidence to the contrary. Look around at the everyday miracles of life. God’s winks, God’s invitations and God’s love surround us.

It’s time to stop shrinking our great Creator down to our own size.

It’s time to let God be God for us. We have seen God’s grandness and graciousness to each of us a million times over.

It’s time to trust that graciousness, to trust that God’s big enough on the inside to handle anything, even our smallness of heart.

So why not let God be all he wants to be and can be for you…it may change your life. Think it, Live it and Be it. Leave all the worry behind you, it just gets in the way!!

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