Just Breathe!

Just Breathe!

We are not who we think we are!

We are first and foremost spiritual beings. Our wonderful souls infused with our human bodies provide us with all the tools we need on this earthly journey.

While our eternal souls “signed up” for this School of Life to learn lessons to be more God-like in love, compassion, patience, tolerance, etc., it is our humanness that allows us to learn. We experience all the emotions, joys and sorrows through our everyday earthly lives.

We need both body and soul. Our lives continue in abundance when we keep “body and soul” together! We need connection!

How do we find, experience and maintain this connection? How do we enjoy our Divine heritage, being special children of God?

Our common breath may be the answer. The breath of life began at birth and continues until the last. When it’s time to “go home”, we draw upon our last inhalation, surrendering our life with our last exhalation.

Our breath, that we often take for granted, allows us opportunities to find real peace. Through meditation, stillness and release we are able to tap into who we really are and why we are here on earth.

Mother Teresa knew the value of stillness. Her business card read, “In the silence of the heart, God speaks.” She sought silence to help maintain and build that connection.

Many of us don’t have time or capacity for traditional transcendental meditation. But we could carve out 10 minutes a day to be still and “connect”.

 Quiet yourself and “watch” and listen to your breath come in and out. One breath stops and another begins. Inhale…exhale. It’s a pattern, a rhythm. It’s the rhythm of life.

So relax, connect and enjoy all the goodness within us. Relax in the Lord and know on the inside how vast his goodness is and how unfailing is his kindness.  This is an invitation for us to grow into the very image and likeness of God, connecting with our Divine lineage.

It’s as simple as breathing!



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