In All Things Give Thanks

In All Things Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I think the real reason is because Thanksgiving is a simple gathering of loved ones counting their blessings. No gifts, no cards, no extensive build up to the day, merely a day set aside to be grateful. How refreshing!

In all the hubbub of the season we sometimes lose sight of the meaning and the why of the holiday. But on this special day, we find peace and blessings amid the chaos with family and friends.

So as we gather around the table, let’s remember that we are too blessed to be stressed.

Here’s a simple Grace that your family might use that captures the reason for the season!

Thanksgiving Grace (all join hands and)

This is a day for thanks. A day in which we see or hear or feel the wonders of the other moments of the year.

This is a day for time. A day in which we think of pasts that make our present rich and bountiful.

This is a day for joy. A day in which we share a gift of laughter, warm and gentle as a smile.

Above all, this is a day for peace. So let us touch each other and know that we are one.

For these and other blessings, we thank Thee, God. (Daniel Roselle from Graces by June Cotner


Wishing you and your families all the love, light, and laughter of this special day of gratitude.

Thanks so much for your support and friendship.

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