“I’ll leave the light on for you” – God

“I’ll leave the light on for you” – God

In a way, God is the Ultimate Hotelier! But Motel 6 and Tom Bodett took a page out of God’s playbook when they made the commercial for the roadside inn for weary travelers.

Remember the TV commercial ending with the phrase, We’ll  leave the light on for you.” This catchy jingle not only symbolizes the end of the road but also three messages that we need to remember for our earthly journey.  

God, being the first to extend the welcome, says:

  1. I’ll be expecting you.

“I’ll be watching for you and waiting for you with outstretched arms. You might be running late or run into detours along your journey, but sooner or later I know you will be arriving. I’ll be expecting you.”

  1. I’ll be welcoming all.

“Not matter when you get here or in what condition in which you arrive, I will treasure you as the returning favorite child. When I look at you I see a much-cherished child, not a stranger. Ya’ll come –  seniors, young, old, pets, owners, children. No restrictions. No limits on my love”.

  1. I’ll leave this light on so you can find your way.

“I know it can get dark out there and you may often lose your way, so I’ll give you signs along the way. Listen to your heart, your internal GPS, and follow that light. I am always with you, walking by your side. And your name is written on my hand, if you listen carefully you will hear me whispering to you. If you watch closely, you will see that I am here. So watch and listen.”

Our journeys can be rough and often dangerous. But God desires that none of us walk in doubt or alone. God desires that we make our trek with the help of divine company, with hope and faith assured that God will leave the light on for us.





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