Ignite Your Passion!

Ignite Your Passion!

Most young men probably don’t aspire to being a parking valet. But Jay does…with gusto! When Jay goes to retrieve our car, he runs all out, dashes like his pants are on fire. Returning with the car, Jay hands you your keys huffing and puffing smiling all the while. 

Trying to reassure him, I said, “Jay, you don’t have to put out like that, we are in no hurry.” He beamed, “I want to.” His response surprised me.

 “Why, I questioned, “ Do you want to tear at breakneck speed?”

He explained, “When I was in high school I spent most of my time in a wheel chair with a bone disease watching others running, playing sports and having a good time.  Now that I can run, I do. Each step I take is with joy and thanksgiving for the ability that I now have.”

Wow, what a powerful lesson on how to share your gifts with enthusiasm: Love What You Do, and Do What You Love!

Jay has this passion for life that makes life worth living, finding joy and meaning in even the smallest of activities.  I hope his enthusiasm is contagious. We all need a dose of high energy and positivity.

The dictionary defines enthusiasm as having “intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval for something.”

This powerful resource of enthusiasm, injected into daily life will overcome obstacles, adding significance to EVERYTHING we do.

Enthusiasm, optimism and interest can free us from being weighed down with negativity and chaos.

As the years roll by, gravity seems to take over. It physically drags our face into wrinkles and leaves us with saggy arms! But gravity also takes its toll on our mental and emotional makeup too. The bygone years brought situations that may have drained us, feeling low and maybe even cynical. It’s difficult to be upbeat and maintain an enthusiastic outlook surviving the scars that life brings.

Faith and goodness must spring up each day as we mentally approach the day with eager anticipation. We look forward to being able to respond to each and every situation with courage – courage to never let others know of our pain, and still find joy in life. Every little thing!

So let’s pick up the pace of our enthusiasm. Let’s not only live our life, but LOVE our life:  “Run, Jay, Run!”

“The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm.”  Aldous Huxley



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