Got Potential?

Got Potential?

Have you ever been deemed with “having great potential” or voted the “most likely to succeed”?

Most people would look on these comments as compliments, a vote of confidence in someone’s abilities.

OK, so we’ve been given many gifts. But now what? What if we don’t measure up? Wonder if we don’t meet the world’s expectation of us?

Like Charlie Brown bemoans, “Oh, the curse of great potential!!”

According to our power-driven standards, if we are underemployed or, not in the fast lane of achievement there is only one reason…..we are not living up to our potential. We need to raise the bar of success by hard work.

Most of the world would subscribe to this reasoning:

“(Your) potential doesn’t mean shit if you don’t get off you ass and start working.” – Bishank Jhavar, Champion’s Handbook: Meteoric Guide for Meteoric Success

But what happens if the road of worldly success does not hold the keys to fulfillment and happiness that makes your particular soul sing?

If we strive to meet some false standard of happiness, if we live with thoughts of “someday….” “if only….” then we will never find that joy in this life.

Maybe, just maybe:

“If you’re happy living what some might call a mediocre life, then you’re not living a mediocre life at all.” – Mike Bundrnat

Set your own terms of success, listen to your own drummer, and write your own story.

Listen within to find YOUR happiness within YOUR true potential!!

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