Got a Problem?

Got a Problem?

I recently read that we are not here to solve problems but problems are here to solve us.

We all intellectually know that hardship can teach us important life lessons, but usually these problems catch us by surprise. Sometimes they pull the rug right out from under us, shattering our sense of peace.

We want to use these problems and turn them into opportunities. But how should we approach these situations to turn adversity into advantage?

Remember this admonition you were taught as a youngster approaching an intersection or a railway crossings and any potential problems to STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN?

I think that this advice can help us with our problematic situations and lead us to fuller lives.

STOP – Pause wherever we are to assess the circumstances. Slow down, breathe. (Some problems take our breath away, or cause hyperventilation) When we are caught up in the maze of daily activities, situations seem like a nonstop bombardment leaving little precious time. Our situations may have changed needing redirection. Stop!

LOOK –Now that we have stopped the flurry, we have the opportunity to assess our plight. Understand the difficulty. Focus on the real issues. Perhaps looking at these plights from another point of view may help. Look “inside” for the answers. Look!

LISTEN – We will find all the answers we need if we listen within. We will never go wrong if we follow our inner counselor. As Saint Mother Teresa reminds us that in the silence of the heart, God speaks. Listen!

God may be inviting us to change, to become more tolerant, kinder, more patient, more humble, less dependent on material things, etc.

Ask, “What is God inviting me to learn?” “What plan do I have to put in place to be the best person that I can be?” Listen!

We are co-workers with God. Keep faith in God. He will do his part and it’s up to us to keep up our end of this earthly deal.

So when problems arise don’t run looking for the solution. Let the problem solve you! Learn to RSVP to God remembering that you are a work in progress!



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