Give Me A Break!

Give Me A Break!

In the maze at the DMV to apply for the new driver’s license, I was sent to desk number 5. Before I sat down I noticed this sign on my clerk’s desk, reading, “Please be patient, I am Training”.

With patience being on my short list, I took heed especially in this stressful process of slow moving office workers shuffling mounds of paper amidst throngs of dazed driver applicants. You know the drill…

How wise of the “new guy” to post this reminder to all of us. Maybe we should all post this on our foreheads. Be patient, we are ALL in training for our life’s work.

Our mission in life is growing into the likeness of God, taking on his inner disposition being transformed to shine our Divine nature. Being patient, kind, forgiving, tolerant, honest, grateful, charitable, humble, compassionate and resilient! That’s a tall order, not only for a morning spent at the DMV, but for every day, every occasion.  

We have all made our fair share of wrong turns and spent more than enough time on dead-end streets. None of those mistakes is any surprise to God. After all, as our maker, God knows we are slow learners.

All that God asks is that we not look backward but get up and try again. We cannot be afraid of these “failures”. This give-and-take, the falling-down and getting-up, the forgiving and being forgiven in our daily lives will allow us to grow into our best selves.

The fabric of greatness of goodness is woven out of ordinary thread.  It is woven very slowly and always by hand.  We fulfill our destiny by doing the ordinary extraordinarily well.

This sounds non-threatening but is an awesome task and maybe a little frightening. But take heart, no matter what our situation is, God is there among us to help.

Lest we give up, let’s remember the words of St. Paul,” If God is for us, who can be against us?” The fact is that God is FOR us, pulling us along and pulling us up to be our best.

God is here for us. It’s time to trust his graciousness and grandness. God us big enough to handle anything, even our smallest of hearts.

So let’s allow God to be God. It will change your life.

 “Not all of us can do great things. But we can all do small things with great love.” – Mother Teresa


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