Get the Aerial View

Get the Aerial View

In life we are given many choices along our journey affecting our happiness. We can take the low road or choose the high road. It’s up to each of us.

On the lower road we see beauty – towering trees, colorful flowers, and manicured lawns. Single isolated dabs of color and loveliness. All wonderful in themselves.

But on the higher road, the view widens with perspective allowing for the vistas of spectacular. Not only do we see the trees and the streets, but we also get to see how they all work together; how they are interconnected designed to make communities and neighborhoods. The aerial view gives us the Bigger Picture.

So too in life, we can choose to react to situations presented to us in a normal ordinary way. We can view situations, events and occurrences as single happenings, lone snapshots. We wonder “why did this happen to me?” It’s as if we walk through our daily lives with a myopic human everyday lens on the low road.

On the other hand, on the higher road, we can see the event acting as a part of the Bigger Picture. We envision how it works into our life’s calling and life lessons, interconnected. We see things in the larger perspective. No incident is a coincidence!

So if we find ourselves in various predicaments, not knowing the why behind them, seek out the view from above. Look for the connection and the inter dynamics. Trust in the higher good. Trust in God’s providence. Trust the Bigger Aerial View!

So don’t go through life signing up for the “single shot” view. Grab your panoramic camera and enjoy your journey as a whole, celebrating each step along the way.

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