Find Your Beach

Find Your Beach


We’ve all seen the beer commercial that encourages us to, “Find your beach”. Returning from an island vacation, enjoying the sand, sun, and shimmering water, I now have a fuller understanding of that advertisement.

We humans, are like little electric or hybrid cars. We can go just so long until we “run out” of juice. We need to plug in, recharging our energy and strengthening our resolve.

We need to STOP, halt our normal running around and connect with the Source of all Energy.

So we need to find our chair on the beach, a rock, a mountain top, a pew in church or a bench in the woods and just “take it all in” to regroup.

Just what does this “beach” do for us? How does it recharge, refresh and renew us to go back into the normal crazy lives that we all lead?

These “beaches” in life, take our breaths away. We gasp, “Oh, my God”. “This blows my mind.” This vastness, this “over the top” unimaginable beauty, and boundless tranquility could only be the work of the Divine.

For this brief time on the “beach” we suspend our normal thinking patterns of work responsibilities, time urgencies with social and financial pressures bearing down on us.

We see our puny lives in comparison to the Bigger Picture. We realize that all our so-called important matters are not all that important in the grand scheme of things. We’re humbled by a Divine Presence, and can almost feeling the Almighty among us.

While we’re awed by our smallness in the REAL picture we also are overcome with gratefulness, bolstering our own worth. We realize in some unknowable way that we, in our small humanness are all part of a Divine Plan that we can’t even imagine. We are so important that we have been granted a share in this Divine Source.

On the one hand we seem like a fleeting nothing in comparison to the “beach” and on the other hand we are awe-stuck by our importance of being a part of it.

So, go on “vacation” and find your beach to recharge your flow of Divine energy, refresh your weary journey and renew your source of happiness.

Once your discover your beach, take a piece of it with you wherever you go. Others will notice your Peace and Joy!!




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