Doing Your Best?

Doing Your Best?

Recently I ran across a question posted on a FB page, “How do you know that you are doing your best?”

One of the respondents wrote that a good nights sleep was an indicator. I used to measure my goodness by the number of thank you notes that I received! Some people judge their “best” by what others think of them, “Did I get a good evaluation?”

In the end it’s not the opinion of others by which we are judged, it’s God’s review that counts. Remember the parable of the Talents? The Master entrusts a certain number of talents to his servants and expects a return. The parable teaches us that God has endowed us with certain gifts and talents and expects a ROI (Return On Investment).

How did you spend your time? How did you use your talents? How did you make the world a better place?

Besides giving us the talents, God also gives us the opportunities to use these talents. I call them G-vites. As each situation in life presents itself, we can respond with one of two choices. We can accept the invitation to change, give, evolve and move deeper into the human experience to meet God. Or we can remain on the sidelines in the safety of the status quo, afraid to risk, afraid to invest our talents and time.

God gives us many chances to invest using our abilities. God is inviting us to step up to the plate employing our God-given talents. Leaving our comfort zones we can venture into bravery, compassion, honesty, perseverance, hope, resilience, forgiveness, patience, faith, gratitude and joy. We can accept God’s daily invitations with a “yes”.

So as we go through each day, we need to keep our eyes open searching for our invitations to expend our talents. Contributing our time and talents on earth, may bring a better night’s sleep, a few thank you notes and praising evaluations but when we enter heaven, accountable for our earthly experience, we long to hear the words that the Master used in the parable to his servant,

“Well done good and faithful servant……Enter into the joy of your master!”



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