Do You Speak in Code?

Do You Speak in Code?

In this fast paced world we live in today, we are often limited in our time and opportunity for real communication. We are sometimes reduced to mere code detectors to decipher the meaning of the message.

We have short cuts to convey our thoughts as seen in text messages and the 140 characters of the tweet.

We might see “r u (with a symbol of a sandy shore line)? Code for: Are you going to the beach?

The reply might be “k” or a symbol of a thumbs-up emoji indicating that, “OK, yes I’m going to the beach”. Surprise: OMG (Oh, my God). Happiness: LOL (Laughing out loud).

I’ve seen people have whole conversations without ever using a word. Entire unspoken messages are translated by little icons, symbols, and emojis. Birthday messages: Smiley Faces, Balloons, Cakes, Gifts! Happy Birthday!

Our actual personal communication and greetings are mostly casual also. In our routine encounters with those we meet we hear “Hi”, “Bye”, “Chao”. And if we really want spend some time wishing our contacts a little more you might get a spoken “Have a Nice Day”.

On my daily meditative walk I try to greet passers-by with a “Have a good day”, which I have my own code for. I want to send them on the rest of their day filled with many blessings so I adopted this Apache blessing as my code for “Have a good day”. In my heart I am wishing them the following good thoughts:

“May the Sun bring new energy by day.

May the Moon softly restore you by night.

May the Rain wash away your worries.

May the Breeze blow new strength into your being.

May you walk gently through the world and know its beauty      all the days of your life.”

Even though we might not have much time to verbally greet, chat, and communicate with each encounter we can still have our own codes. Send out your own messages of Joy and Good Cheer to all you encounter!

Living with codes, symbols and emojis we can still enjoy a rich, full, and happy life. (smiley face: :




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