Do You Have a Full-Time Partnership?

Do You Have a Full-Time Partnership?

We are all called to live the extraordinary life that God has designed for us. We each are unique individuals with our own gifts and talents. There is a mission only you can fulfill and a song only you can sing.

Oftentimes we get caught up in what others want of us. Fear sets in so we live an ordinary life, plugging through each day, putting aside our own script and living the status qto. That special job that God has assigned to us will fail.

But here is the good news. We are not in this alone. Our Creator wouldn’t strand us on this earth without a “lifeline”. And that lifeline is a direct connection to God.

God has the power to transform us, to take the ordinary in us and make it extraordinary.

God has the power and the desire. All that we have to do is accept God as our full-time partner. This means that we each have a serious relationship, with no exclusionary clauses, a partnership that puts everything on the table.

There’s a long distance between that kind of intense partnership and the cool, arms-length, episodic relationship with God that we settle for so often. And that’s a real tragedy because an occasional relationship with God yields no growth, no change, and therefore no satisfaction.

Why? When we withhold so much and hide so much we put so much of life off limits that God can’t even get close to the parts of him that need him the most.

Keeping God at a distance is a sure recipe for sadness. Don’t settle for rusting away or for the sadness and despair that go with it. Don’t settle for what we call survival.

We are called to be extraordinary, each in our own way. And with God as our full-time partner, extraordinary is what we will become, slowly, one step at a time, in a partnership that will last forever!


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