Christmas Reminder!

Christmas Reminder!

As this wonderful season begins to unfold, I bring you a spiritual reminder.

Yesterday is history.   Tomorrow a mystery.      Today is a gift.    That’s why we call it the present!    

Just a four short weeks from now we will be taking down the tree, packing up the ornaments, cleaning up the mess and look at a stack of “to do’s” that have been set aside for the holiday season. We will be wondering what all the hustle and bustle of shopping, cooking and dressing up was for?

How will we feel in Dec. 26tH? How we feel that day hinges on how we remember what all the shopping, cooking and decorations are all about NOW.

All of these preparations are about building community!

All the work of Christmas is about renewing the bonds that bind us to one another and to the Lord.

If we remember that we will know inside how to handle “The Present” these next few weeks. The gifts we buy will make sense in the larger scheme of things. How we decide to spend the days and how we decide not spend them will make sense.

Our hosting of get-togethers and the way we are guests– reaching out and pulling everyone inside the circle of our care and concern. All will make sense if only we remember “why”.

The calm we keep at our center during these busy days will tell all who see us that we know what “Our Present” is about, that we know what matters and what does not. And because of that, we ourselves will be a special gift to those who know us.

May we never forget the reason behind the season.



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