Are You Celebrating Anything Special?

Are You Celebrating Anything Special?

I called to make brunch reservations for Joe and myself on the Hornblower sight seeing ship cruising San Diego Harbor. After taking the necessary information the young attendant asked me, “Are you celebrating anything special?”

I answered,  “I’m enjoying excellent health. I have a loving husband, wonderful family, loyal and fun friends. And we’re going on a wonderful cruise, on a state of the art ship to view a spectacular skyline of San Diego. Hell, yes, I’m celebrating something special.”

Our reservation clerk continued, “Would you like to upgrade to a Celebration Package for another $20.00 per ticket?”

So with that, Joe and I are celebrating with unlimited cheap champagne and guaranteed window seating!

Each and every day cannot bring total happiness. That’s impossible! With that expectation we can be disappointed leading to a life of unhappiness. We will have troubles, doubts and frustration. But we can always find enough joy to piece together a “cause for celebration”.

Every day may not be a designated “special occasion” with a birthday or anniversary but each day is special.

 It’s our task to find the special, celebrate the special and share the good times.

I think two things will help put us on the road to “celebration”: gratitude and finding joy in the small things in life.

Don’t let the small everyday things we take for granted go uncelebrated! Finding the joy in small episodes of the ordinary will lead to small bursts of happiness. These moments of appreciating the small things will create a life worth celebrating. 

Maybe everyday isn’t special, but there is something special in every day!

And be sure to upgrade to the “celebration package”!








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