Are You Losing Your Eyesight?

Are You Losing Your Eyesight?

A blind person asked St. Anthony “Can there be anything worse that losing your eyesight?  He replied, “Yes, losing your vision!”

We all can get sidetracked so easily. And maintaining vision is essential!

As the principal of an elementary school, I thought of myself as the “gatekeeper” and the “keeper of the vision”.  I constantly reminded teachers, students, boards and parents of our final goal.  We had to keep the end, our priority, in sight in order not to get detoured by the “latest and greatest” diversion along the way.

So too, in our lives we must keep forging ahead to our goal of love and happiness, fighting the urge to wander aimlessly in the negativity that oftentimes surrounds us.

It’s easy to lose sight of our destiny and seek out a day-to-day existence by merely putting in our time, pulling us away from our “reason” on earth.

Here are three ideas to maximize your time keeping that “vision” in front of you, no matter where life tries to drag you!

 Affirmations:  Have personal affirmations ready to “recite” each day to keep you steady in your resolve. When stress or worry invades my mind, I reinforce my feeling of well-being with this affirmation:

“An avalanche of abundance is pouring down on me, under grace and in the perfect time.”

When I mentally recite this, I not only reaffirm my abundance but a wealth of feelings of gratitude spring up within with the worry draining out of my heart.

Readings:  Make it part of your daily routine to take a few quiet minutes to read motivational content, books, blogs, etc. that align with your vision. It’s all-important to reinforce your ideals throughout the day. If you need some ideas, I post a selection of “Inspirational Insights” on my website: ( and Twitter (@pattykogutek,) to provide readers with “awesome” thoughts for your journeys.

Visuals:  Surround yourself with inspirational pictures or quotes. You can discreetly place a “reminder” in a prominent position on your desk or next to your bed.  Your attention can be easily drawn away from the frustrations of the day by a simple poster or quote redirecting your energies into a positive flow.

Whatever you do, “inspiration” is needed to remind us to stay centered and empowered throughout the day.  Armed with these 3 “support-systems” you will never lose your vision, even if your eyesight gets blurry.

Here’s to your happiness….see you on my website…




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