Life’s Much Lovelier

Life’s Much Lovelier the Second Time Around

I believe that in this “School of Life” we are here to learn lessons. There are many life lessons for us to embrace before we “graduate.” This is precisely why we signed on for this earthly journey. We wanted to grow to be more loving, more tolerant, less addicted, etc. We find ourselves in designated situations giving us the options we need for our spiritual growth. Each one of us is on his/her own individual path, following a prescribed “lesson plan” just for us. It’s our own “Divine Design.” To compare ourselves to others or to judge others’ situations along our way, is moot. Although not the same path, all roads lead to the Father’s house.

Our life is made up of choices, small choices we make everyday to become a better person and to become a better earth-citizen. And if by some chance we miss an opportunity to learn and grow, Life, in its all-loving wisdom, will give us second chances until we “GET IT.” Example: As I was on my morning walk I noticed a dirty plastic cup on my path. I glanced at it as I walked by rationalizing that I didn’t want to get my hands dirty carrying around this germ-infested cup. Totally missing the opportunity to be a “good citizen” I continued on my merry way. About 30 minutes later I almost fell over a beer can directly in my way. I would have to hurdle over it to miss this one. I had to laugh as I picked it up FINALLY getting the lesson. This is a very simplistic story to illustrate the larger picture.

God will give us as many learning opportunities, and maybe even many lifetimes, to learn the lessons that we signed on for. Recurring events and situations are presented before us, time after time, under many disguises, offering us the same lesson to pick up on. If we are numb to the Lesson Plan, the Universe may intensify the situations, trying to awaken us to the learning opportunity. We may find ourselves in seemingly unbearable situations, stretching us sometimes thinking that this is more than we can handle. All the grandiose plans that we had on the other side before we incarnated for spiritual growth sound so good “over there” but when we get “down here” in the halls of the “School of Life,” it seems overwhelming. We question: Why is this happening to me? Why does life have to be this painful?

Take the time to go to the Wisdom Within reflecting on the lesson to be learned.


On a smaller daily scale there may be certain people who get under your skin and cause you to respond with short, curt, sarcastic remarks or perhaps you avoid these individuals altogether. This is time for reflection. Take a step back and ask yourself, “Why?” Why is this person is my life “bothering me”? What is the life lesson that this situation is teaching me? This particular situation or person may be calling for your practice of tolerance or forgiveness. Admittedly some demanding, impatient individuals can bring out the worst in us, but remember these “obstacles” were put in front of us as invitations; invitations for checking off another of life’s lessons. Remember even the pain-in-the-neck people are actually working with you and for you. Put on your “heaven-tinted glasses” viewing situations in the bigger picture. As we muddle through life we may not see particular situations for what they really are — opportunities for growth.

In the process of writing “A Change of Habit,” I was overwhelmed at the many missed opportunities to learn the lesson of “where is God?” Actually documenting my story in black and white was humbling. I kept looking for Him “outside” when all the time He was “inside.” Time after time, I didn’t “GET IT.” I think I may be a slow leaner. Writing the book about the 40 years of my spiritual journey gave me ample invitations to look in the rear view mirror and see how the pieces of the puzzle finally come together for the best of Life’s lessons. Trust that Life will give you exactly what you need.

I pray everyday that I will learn my lessons in this life quickly and easily. I don’t want to repeat this grade. Do you really think that life would be much lovelier the second time around?