Feeling Lucky

“Feeling “Lucky”?

Oh, the luck of the Irish celebrated on St. Patrick’s Day with green shamrocks, tiny leprechauns, and green beer!  How is your luck running lately?

Do you ever look at people whispering, “Gee, that was a great promotion for her…how lucky”?  “Wish I had luck like that”!  “Man, she gets all the breaks”.

I once heard a pro golfer comment, “The more I practice the luckier I get!” Trying to be smart, this witty golfer gives us some great advice that applies to our lives also.  Whatever we practice, we achieve.  The more we practice living in abundance, the more abundance will flow into our lives, looking like the luck of the Irish is smiling on us!

We need to approach life with a trusting, open heart, knowing that there is enough.  Enough material goods for sustenance, enough love for joy, enough trials for growth. Our culture seems to be one of hording, gathering, and amassing.  But I ask, when is enough, enough?  When do we say we are good enough, smart enough, successful enough and happy just happy the way we are.  We are enough!

No need to horde when you approach life with an “abundant attitude”, knowing somehow, someway things will work out for the best.  Know that abundance comes from within, not from without!  Right now you have the power and the capacity to create a wealthy and prosperous life.

I often hear people remark that they never get enough sleep or have enough time concentrating on the lack in their lives. If you look, feel, and talk about scarcity you will surely find it.  The choice is up to you.  You can skip though life, grabbing abundance or you can drag yourself through the motions scraping by.

One sure fire way to live an abundant life is to practice the art of gratitude. Focusing on the good fortune of what we do have, the health that we do enjoy, and the body parts that still work (maybe not as well as before…but still serving us in some way).  It is a matter of changing your mindset looking for the good, the positive, and the beautiful.

So when you are looking, comparing, and taking stock of others’ “luck” remember that Success does not bring happiness…happiness brings success.