We Can Only Imagine!

We Can Only Imagine!

I’ve never looked to Dennis the Menace for spiritual inspiration, but in this cartoon, he nails it!

Dennis is with his friend looking up at the starry night sky, pointing upward he ponders, “If heaven is that pretty on the bottom, think how it must look on TOP!”.

We all have our ideas about what heaven is like, but we have been told in Corinthians “”No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.”

We know that something good is ahead of us.

Wayne Dyer helps put it into perspective for us. He explains that we are really spiritual beings having a temporal experience. So this life is not who we really are. Our situations, for better or worse, do not define who we REALLY are.

I do believe that we carry around a little bit of heaven within us to remind us every once in a while of our Godly indwelling. Our Divine flame burns within.

When something or someone literally takes our breath away, we get a glimpse of heaven, remembering we are ”awe-some” beings just passing through.

We feel this connection when we experience seeing the vastness of the ocean for the very first time, or when we hold a new born child, or being touched by the glorious colors and miracle of the daily sunrise and sunset.

This life is supposed to be an “experience”, a chance for us to learn while we search for communion with ourDivine essence. We are on our journey back “home”….back to heaven.

We must find some awe, some piece of the God experience every day to give us hope for the journey. We need to keep the hope of “heaven” alive by recognizing the “awe” that we find, like picking up little clues of what is to come.

It’s only going to get better! Just look up!!