We Can Do More!

We Can Do More!

Being creatures of habit, we traditionally kick off the New Year making the same 3 or 4 resolutions each year. Most include something like lose weight, exercise more, stop smoking or getting our finances in order. 

 Do you think my New Year’s resolution to “eat healthy”, “lose 5 pounds” or “exercise daily” is really going to motivate me into action? If it hasn’t worked by now, what are the odds? 

Why not build upon your own life and what DOES work for you? Why not strive to be the “better version of you”?   

I propose that we ditch our routine New Year’s Resolutions and build on the opportunities we have to do “good things” in our daily lives. 

Our dear friend, Paul shared a written piece that he found in going through his aunt’s memorabilia. Paul’s aunt is Virginia Galvin Piper, an inspirational woman, and philanthropist extraordinaire. 

Let’s take a page out of Virginia Piper’s life as our call to action for this year:

“I will do more than belong…I will participate.

I will do more than believe…I will practice.

I will do more than forgive…I will forget.

I will do more than teach…I will inspire.

I will do more than care…I will help.

I will do more than be fair…I will be kind.

I will do more than dream…I will work.

I will do more than earn…I will enrich.

I will do more than give …I will serve and love.”

We all have daily invitations from God, calling us to be the best version of ourselves, to live unselfishly making the world a little more beautiful, more kind and more giving.

As God invites you, what is your response? How will you R.S.V.P?

Blessings to you in this gift of a New Year!

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