The Holy Itch

The Holy Itch

Life does not tell us what to do. We are not born with a road map showing us the way. But life does give us hints clueing us in, pulling us to our destiny.

In a recent discussion, a spiritual director called these inklings the “Holy Itch”. (I loved that very descriptive term)

An itch is one of the most common irritating problems. Whatever the cause provoking that uncomfortable feeling, it must be taken care of.

This annoying itch cries out for relief through the attention of scratching. The cure comes with attention to the proper treatment.

God uses similar tactics to get our attention, nudging us in the right direction to learn the lessons fulfilling our life’s mission.

Events will happen in our life. These repercussions may be God’s Holy Itch. These prickles, stings, and irritations may be standing in the way of your true happiness.

These annoyances may come from people that we need to set boundaries with, or perhaps there is an old belief that needs to be rethought. Is there an attitude putting up barriers of communication? Do we begrudgingly hoard our material possessions? Do we have to be in total control?

Whatever the symptoms, we need to remove the itch, the obstacle that prevents us from attaining personal growth and strengthening our Divine connection.

Just like a physical itch developing into a rash if not attended to, these symptoms will get worse until properly taken care of.

Intense discomfort maybe a symptom of a more serious problem both physical, emotional, spiritual. God will get our attention one way or another. If we do not learn from this situation, a similar event may get our attention through a stronger message.

Let’s reflect on our life’s happenings, the stresses of our bodies, minds, emotions and behaviors that may be bringing us a message.

Let’s learn from headaches, the worry, the lack of confidence, the fatigue, illness, the restless nights, the negativity, and those uneasy feelings.

These may be God’s invitations (I call them “G-vites”) to change. God is asking us to grow, expand and stretch into more LOVE.

It’s up to us to learn how to answer the call with an affirmative response to R.S.V. P.




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