Make Everyday Thanksgiving

Make Everyday Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the quiet holiday. It sneaks up on us after Halloween as we are distracted by the Christmas decorations.

 It’s a day set aside without the fanfare of lights, gifts, parties and other distractions. This holiday is totally devoted to one of the most powerful practices that can heal, energize and change lives.

We read that maybe we cannot change our circumstances but we can control our attitude toward them. And gratitude is that lynchpin that allows us that turnabout.

Physically –

Gratitude is related to 23% lower levels of stress hormones (cortisol).

Gratitude is related to a 10% improvement in sleep quality in patients with chronic pain and 19% lower depression levels.

Gratitude empowers us to take charge of our emotional lives, and as a consequence, our bodies reap the benefit.

Emotionally –

Gratitude will increase self-esteem, strengthen will power, enhance our relationships, deepen our relationship with our Creator, awaken creativity, and improve our abilities both mentally and physically.

The one trait that can multiply goodness in ourselves and in the world is gratitude, energizing all aspects of our lives.

So why do we celebrate this potent holiday only once a year?

Make gratitude a “habit”…

Count your blessings instead of sheep at bedtime.

 If you like to write – start a gratitude journal.

Decorate a vase and each day write down a blessing adding it to the collection of blessings in the vase. Celebrate by reading them every Thanksgiving.

Whatever and however you can develop the mindset of thanksgiving and gratitude it is well worth it.

“Great things happen to those who don’t stop believing, trying, learning and being grateful.” Roy T. Bennett


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